•   over 2 years ago

Can a person working in an organization participate in this challenge?

I am employed and working as a software developer. Am I eligible to apply ?


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hi Shashi,

    It sounds like you can. There are a few eligibility types. If you are submitting on behalf of your organization (as in, they own the project's IP in the end) then you would need to make sure the organization is eligible. If you're building on the side and you will own the project, then you would just need to verify you are eligible yourself. If you have specific questions and don't want to post them here, feel free to email me the details and I can try to help. stefanie @ devpost.com


  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Thank you stefanie for your quick response. I will email you if I have further questions.

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